A Complete Guide to Creating a Free Stuff Blog

When you’re online, you’ll find a lot of different types of blogs in different niches. The expansion of the internet has allowed people to come up with cool ideas, market them, and make enormous money from their blog. What’s helped is how easy it is to start a blog and build brand awareness. Social media has helped bloggers because a single share from someone with a lot of followers can generate enormous momentum. The only challenge you have as a blogger is finding out what sells, and how to drive traffic to your blog. The good news is you have so free resources available to you which will show you exactly what you need to do to get started. Today, we’ll be exploring how to create a “free stuff” blog.

The process is pretty much the same as starting any other blog, however, most of you time will be spent networking and conducting outreach. You need to find products to give to your visitors and need to be for free. If you cannot find any free stuff to give to your audience, then it defeats the purpose of your free stuff blog…right?

I’ll be walking you through the process of starting a free stuff blog, and we’ll be exploring the following –

  • Starting a blog
  • Outreach
  • Free Offers
  • Marketing
  • Monetizing

Start your blog today

Starting a Blog

We are in a time where a blog can be started within a few minutes…no kidding! If you do a quick search in Google, you’ll find several tutorials showing you how to register a domain, purchase hosting, and how to install WordPress in under 10 minutes. For this reason, it’s very easy to get started with your free stuff blog. Here are a few pointers you should follow when getting started.

First, purchase a domain name that is easy to remember because this will make it easy for people to spend the word about your site. It also helps because it will allow for people to come back easily. Secondly, you can purchase hosting at the same time and I recommend starting with a shared hosting package. This is a low-cost plan and perfect for someone just starting out. You have the option of updating at any time when you feel your business is growing. Third, many of the new hosting companies offer one-click WordPress installation which can be done within a few minutes. I recommend using WordPress for all your blogging needs because they have awesome themes, and free plugins to streamline the development process.

Next, I like to do some research on designs and layout because this will give me a good idea on where to place things like sidebars, navigation, banners, and content. The best approach is to visit your competitors and see what they are different so you can apply some of their strategies. If they’ve been in business a long time, I’m sure they have tried everything so can provide insight into color, fonts, how to reduce clutter, offers, etc.

Once, your done designing your website, you can start doing outreach contacting product & free trial owners.


Since many of the stuff being an offer on “free stuff” blogs are coupons, trials, and small items, you want to contact owners asking them if they provide samples. If they do, it’s a great way to offer your visitors samples and build popularity. This process is tough because you should find companies offering trials, small products, and samples. I recommend starting by doing a quick search on Google for “free samples” or “free trials” and contact companies to see what they can do for you. Larger companies will have more flexibility and will offer you more samples.

Start small and build your way up when doing outreach. You want to know what works when contacting company owners and get comfortable with the entire process.

Free Offers

Many people have done all the work for you so all you need to do is sign-up to free offer websites and display the banners on your blog. Some free offer platforms also give you a commission when someone puts in their email, asks for a quote or fills out an application. Essentially, someone else has done all the outreach, gotten the offers, and you’re just a third-party marketing while making enormous commissions. Start by doing a quick search in Google for CPA (cost-per-action) platforms, and sign-up to the most popular. Make sure before filling out the application, you have a website up and running because they will ask you how you plan on promoting their offers. Here are a few tricks I’ve noticed work after you’ve been approved…

First, make it easy on visitors to fill out your offer, and I’ve found promoting email submits are the best. These are quick, and people are more likely to fill them out because it doesn’t require too much time. Secondly, split test offers and many CPA platforms offer you great tools to start testing. This will give you a chance to collect data, and know what offers resonate with your visitors. Third, always place offers that are relevant because you’ll have a hard time converting visitors who come looking for specific stuff and they can’t find them or find irrelevant information.

Here are a few platforms I’ve personally played around with and would recommend.

  • Peefly.com
  • Revenueads.com
  • Maxbounty.com


There are many ways you can market your free stuff blog, but just make sure you follow the advertising networks policies. You can try Adwords, Facebook and media buy. However, it’s recommended by many bloggers to use the following approach when promoting your free stuff blog…

Create an email list and start collecting subscriber’s right way. This way you are no longer paying for return visitors because it’s as simple as shooting a follow-up to everyone on your list with new offers. I would also build my Facebook page, and share new offers on my own personal page with everyone following me. Solo ads work well too and this involves purchasing space on someone else’s list. However, for someone just starting out with a limited budget, solo ads can be very expensive with no guarantee of conversions.


Once you have built your site up and have relevant traffic, you can start to bring in more money by monetizing your website. For example, you can either get paid to promote offers for private companies and no longer go through third-party CPA platforms or sell advertising space. Both are a great way to build your brand and earn more money doing what you love to do. It does take time before you can start to monetize your website because you have to have loads of traffic, and stand out compared to your competition.

Final Thoughts on How to Start Your Blog Today

Above I have outlined how to get started with your free stuff blog. Follow the steps in order, and you’ll have an easier time putting everything together. I recommend at the same time doing side research on how to build a blog, sign up for CPA networks, and promote your offers. Don’t forget that social media is one of the best ways to build momentum quickly because other people are essentially sharing and doing all the work for you.

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